Wish List: LG Double Play

This post brought to you by LG DoublePlay™. All opinions are 100% mine.

LG Double PlayAre you still looking for that perfect little gift for Christmas? Look no more, here comes LG DoublePlay! I know it’s not little and not also cheap but it’s worth every single penny. And Christmas is the time to splurge a bit, for all the hard work you did for the whole year.

The LG DoublePlay™ has two touch screen displays, one is the 3.5 inch main display and the other 2.0 inch sub display. It also has a full Qwerty keyboard and Swype for easy text input, good for multi tasking activities on the web. This is perfect for me as I am mostly online up to 18 hours a day, checking mails, updating my blogs, visiting and commenting on other blogs, posting FB status and updates, tweeting, chatting and more.

This jewel also boost a 5 megapixel camera, just perfect for taking pictures on the go and uploading it directly on social networks or on any of my blogs. Just pose, click and upload.

It is operated by Android 2.3 or better known as Gingerbread and from the Android market can access the different applications suitable for your needs and even wants. By the way, it is exclusively available at T-Mobile.

Isn’t this just perfect?

How about you, how many hours do you spend on social networks using your phone?

Graduation gifts for doctors ideas

DOcs GiftsHave you ever thought of sending a gift to your favorite doctor? Well, this should happen especially if the doctor made a difference in your life. There are some rare good qualities that a doctor can portray to you and it’s only much better if you go an extra mile and show your appreciation in form of a gift. The selection of gift really matters, first of all there are some kind of doctors who already ‘have everything’ and it can become tricky   if you are not creative enough. Anything for such doctors has to start with a message of recognizing their efforts and time they dedicated for you. There are a variety of recognizing themes and it is upon the choice of the sender to decide in which one to send. Whether it is a helping hand, caring heart or special heart, the fact remains that your story should remain short and catchy.

The message should really draw the attention of the doctor and the value of the message should be memorable. There are several good ideas for doctors gift online and you can make a prior selection with patience. It is also possible to select some gag gifts for doctors. This usually depends on your kind of relationship with the doctor. Portfolios are just part of the gifts that really impress them. Sending these gifts needs a creative mind and it’s only fair if you have an idea of what love. This can be done in a tactful way. You can make a way of getting to their social page and learn more about their likes. There are times when you can just opt to send the personalized gifts for doctors. In such a case, you have to go an extra mile and include their names. These kinds of gifts can either be a card or you can make a point of presenting a birthday gift right at their office when they least expect it. There are some special days that you can really take advantage of. For instance, the Doctor’s day is a good time to present your recognition theme in style. All the ideas, inspirations, thoughts and insights can be learnt with time. Make a point of sharing your opinions with some of your trusted friends before making the final choice.

Funny Prank At Doctors Office

Doctors are special people and they deserve the best gifts if you have to. In this case, take your time and go through the essential steps that will enable your gift to be appreciated and valued. They are human beings and therefore the nature of gifts can either overwhelm or disappoint. Unique gifts for doctors are more of creativity.   If you are the type that easily socializes with people you can tactfully find an idea on what your doctor likes and make the surprise at the right time. There are many popular gifts for resident doctors. You can check on some of the big online shopping sites like Amazon for exclusive gifts.

All about Talking Friends Angela Superstar Action Figure Toy

Tom and AngelaThe Talking Friends Superstar Angela action figure toy can be an exciting gift for kids because of the recall value it enjoys with the popular game figure, as well as, a number of great features incorporated into it. This toy boasts of excellent built quality along with the ideal customization by the manufacturers during the making process by keeping all types of mobile devices in mind. Thus, parents and grandparents can consider gifting this great piece of toy to the kid in their family or household, and then stand back and enjoy the fun their little recipients have with their gift. In fact, this has made the Talking Friends Superstar Angela action figure toys so very popular among the kids.

More about Talking Tom and Angela you can find here:

Kids can have a hilarious time with their Talking Angela Superstar toy because of the antiques that it is capable of performing. This includes a bunch of great features such as the ability to scream, laugh, and even comment back, much to the amusement of their little owners. This toy also allows its users to poke, tickle, and play with it in a variety of other manners, which makes it such an exciting companion for the little kids and those that are still young at heart. Thus, the Talking Friends Superstar Angela action figure toy is capable of providing amazing fun to everyone even without the presence of a smartphone.

This toy is much more than a simple action figure because of its ability to respond to various Talking Friends apps in a totally seamless manner with the help of a variety of means. This includes everything ranging from witty riddles, catchy tunes, amusing jokes, and a large plethora of whimsical sounds. Thus, the Talking Friends Superstar Angela action figure toy is capable of interacting with these apps in an interesting manner, which makes the overall experience of having it as a playmate even more enjoyable for the little kids.

Talking Tom and Angela on Youtube

Another great thing about this Superstar Angela toy is that is does not require any setup, which makes it that much more hassle free to own and play with for the kids and their parents. Moreover, the manufacturers provide regular updates regarding the new sounds for the toys. This means that these toys can continue to surprise and amuse little kids with their eclectic collection of sounds all through their service life. Thus, the Talking Friends Superstar Angela action figure toy very clearly ticks all the right boxes to make it a compelling buy.

This toy comes along with a USB cable and a stylish bag included in the box. Thus, the Talking Friends Superstar Angela action figure toy continues to impress right till the end to make a perfect choice to gift to kids.